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Home & Office
Generator Installation

Prepare for Power Outages:
- Generator Hook Up
- Transfer Switches
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Unsure and need advice about the generator you'll need for your house or business? 

Have your questions answered by a safety expert. Melanson Electric will help.

Yes - It's Time to Get a Generator!

​Home standby or portable. Your generator or ours.

Many AFFORDABLE options Gas-Propane-Natural Gas

We'll even give you a FREE QUOTE.  (508) 379-0859


You Bought a Generator, Now What?  

Raymond Melanson Electric & Safety will provide the equipment to get your house up and running as simple as PLUG & PLAY.  Code compliant and easy to use by anyone in the family.  Handle critical power for refrigerator, microwave, lights and some outlets. You can also have an outlet outside to plug in the generator for quick transfer.

Turn your home's electrical panel into a generator panel for more flexibility without a transfer, saving

you money.  You'll never have to run extension cords again.

Master Electrician Raymond D. Melanson will install a UL compliant and code approved manual transfer switch in your home. All you do is provide the generator (or we can get you one) and you simply plug it in
and switch circuits to generator mode. Control box mounts by your electrical panel and you can pick the circuits you want to run based on the size of the generator.

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