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Provide an extra layer of protection from Coronavirus COVID-19

Antimicrobial Treated Device Features

  • Comprehensive  offering including toggle, Decora Plus and Lev-Lok

switches and stainless-steel toggle and Decora wallplates

  • Touch surfaces of devices are entirely treated with antimicrobial materials, providing an added layer of protection

  • Made with an E.P.A. registered additive

  • Antimicrobial Treated Devices made by Leviton are manufactured by incorporating silver ions (Ag+) as the antimicrobial agent in the product material.

This material has been tested to show a consistent [3 log (>99.9%)] microbial reduction rate against a broad range of bacteria pursuant to the

JIS Z 2801:2000 test protocol.

Helps resist development of mold, mildew, fungi and other odor-causing bacteria

  • Certified by NSF International to meet sanitation requirements for use in food handling and processing environments

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